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Who we are

"With great commitment to excellence and undeniable interest to our people, HealthWatch is your ever trusting partner to what you value the most: yourself."

We care.
We demonstrate our commitment to world-class assistance care, by providing a supportive environment for our clients and their network. We do not focus on short-term profits, but rather on long-term, valued relationships.

We act.
It is all about decision making. We excel in evaluating, developing, and applying customized solutions for every client. Our experienced staff is always on alert, aiming to serve your needs, wherever you are.

We guarantee.
In HealthWatch, quality is undeniable. We maintain the highest of standards, which we achieve by continually measuring and improving our outcomes. This is why our customers always return to us.

We have been offering our services since 2000, building our reputation on assistance services with professionalism and integrity. We are a team of people always present when you need us the most and ready to act.


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It all started when founder, Dr.Dimitrios Papapavlou, envisioned a powerful network that provides access to health. A strong believer of precaution and with great patience and determination, Dr. Papapavlou founded HealthWatch as an assistance company, envisioning a network that will serve with integrity, respect, and agility. And so, he did.

Our Vision

HealthWatch soon became the regional leader in cost containment and medical assistance. Through teamwork, we managed to stay a step ahead of the market, offering the most updated, customized, and valuable choices to our clients.
We are entitled to innovative solutions. We welcome contemporary products, like updated mobile apps, encourage invention, and continually seek more efficient ways to achieve our goals. This is how we ensure premium service quality and efficient results.
Our people embrace change. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in any possible way. We grow together.
Why Choose Us

Why Us

At HealthWatch, we adhere to high moral principles and professional standards by a commitment to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect, and transparency. Our professionalism and expertise allow us to offer bespoke assistance services to the most valuable person: you.

Let’s find a solution that suits your needs.


Our corporate identity embraces a working environment free of prohibitions and disqualifications that might relate to age, gender, cultural or other characteristics and preferences. We offer equal opportunities to anyone sharing our philosophy, having strong team spirit, and believing they can contribute to achieving our goals. The applications we receive include candidates who are about to embark with their career, as well as more qualified executives.

Work with us if:

You have strong communication skills
Kindness, flexibility, integrity, and responsibility are parts of your character
You are interested in the wider health sector
Send your CV to and become part of our experienced team.
Why Choose Us