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Healthcare Management Services (Occupational Services)

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Healthcare Management Services (Occupational Services)

Healthcare Management Services (Occupational Services)

Employees working in challenging or extreme conditions, such as remote or offshore locations, extreme temperatures, or heights, or those employed in physically or mentally strenuous work, often require a medical examination prior to the commencement of their deployment to ensure they are fit for the role.

We at HealthWatch offer an independent, bespoke service tailored to our clients’ specific requirements with a fast turn-around to ensure employees are certified ‘fit to work’ as quickly as possible and provide clients with detailed reports and a full audit trail. Our occupational health professionals will liaise with the client company to identify any potential risks and design a tailor-made vaccine program to reduce or eliminate risk.

Some of the components of our certified pre-employment medical assessment include:

  • Completion of patient questionnaire
  • Blood /urinalysis/xrays/scans according to clients PMH.
  • BMI – measurement of height, weight, and calculation of body mass index
  • Near distance and color vision
  • Pulse and blood pressure measurement
  • Lung function test (peak flow)
  • Audiogram (hearing test)
  • Consultation with a physician

If the Medical Assessment you require is not included above, please contact us and we will be pleased to advise you of availability.

Prioritizing employees’ protection and their productivity under safe conditions, HealthWatch offers consultative medical advisory services, customized at your needs. Regarding the new reality of the pandemic (Covid19), our team of can carefully advise you on a strategic pandemic planning, according to any measures taken by governments around the world. In addition, we can organize on-site vaccination of your personnel, periodic testing, upload on governmental portals of results, tracing of contacts and preventive measures, to ensure a safe working environment. The planning process for hosting a workplace Covid19 vaccination program is prepared in coordination with the company’s management and human resources representatives, promoting an easy and trustworthy overall process.

Our extensive global network of clinics permits an undeniable convenience regarding medical examinations and vaccinations of a company’s personnel. All medical practices can be arranged at locations that suit your global workforce, ensuring any process is completed within a turn-around time from just 5-7 days. Medical practitioners are tailored to requirements, encompassing factors such as:

  • demands of the role
  • location/country of deployment
  • visa and vaccination requirements
  • length of assignment
  • well-being of the employees
  • internal policies and requirements of the hiring organization

Working closely with clients to identify their specific requirements, we at HealthWatch establish a process that best suits your operational needs.

Healthwatch can provide complete emergency and general medical set up at remote site locations including the provision of medical equipment, licensed doctors, licensed paramedics, nurses, and ground ambulance. With careful, strategic planning, we ensure the smooth and successful health practices, hosting a mini local health department that matched your needs and timing.
HealthWatch has launched an occupational health advice line, being piloted within Greece and 34 other countries. The advice line provides small business owners, managers, and employees with early and easy access to high quality, professional advice. It will be tailored to business needs, as well as being able to respond to individual health issues.Screening of employees to be deployed to other countries is also done in the home country or abroad.
The service is available to owners and managers of businesses with up to 250 employees in Europe.The target of this service is to:

  • improve the general health and wellbeing of the working-age population
  • support more people with health conditions to stay in work or enter employment
  • create healthier workplaces
  • improve occupational health services and rehabilitation support
  • increase employment opportunities for people who are not in work due to ill health or disability