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HWAlert is an application which gives the possibility by pressing a single alarm button on your smart phone to get a call back within seconds from the alarm center.
At the same moment, your coordinates are noted on a map visible to the alarm center. The operator spots your location, reads the instructions, and follows them accordingly. The coordinator can also give you details on the nearest medical facilities, police department, embassies etc.

“My VR-call center” is designed to notify the 24-hour call center about any medical needs might occur. It offers health services for individuals with travel insurance policies, but also for domestic and international private medical insurance. Services include:

  • Medical help lines including optical and dental health
  • Major incident support
  • Home and hotel assistance
  • Call center services
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Emergency repatriation
  • Hotel – hospital transfer
  • Taxi arrangements
  • Ambulance arrangements
  • Doctor visit arrangements
  • Medical help lines including dental and optical 24/7 monitored
  • Arrangement of outpatient appointment
  • Arrangement of labs/Diagnostics appointment
  • Arrangement of check up
  • Notification of admission
  • Submit a claim
  • Monitor claim status


Our philosophy is to provide the best in quality services, in the most cost effective and expedient way. In our daily life, we may find ourselves in a situation that medical aid or assistance of any kind is required, from access to simple information, to the provision of more specialized medical advice. It may even be required emergency medical assistance.

HWA – VR Call center app, powered by HealthWatch, provides helpful and even lifesaving assistance, connecting individuals directly to its 24-hour call center. With a press of a button on smartphone, the 24-hour call center is at your disposal. Υοu can even arrange your outpatient visit, diagnostic tests or check directly from your phone without the need of calling.

“My e-consultations”, a user-friendly application, powered by HealthWatch, where you can make video call with a specialized doctor at any time with an easy way. The app offers:

  • Contact a doctor immediately
  • Organize a video call and book a digital appointment
  • Emergency e-consultations
  • Programmed consultations with 11 specialists
  • E-prescription

A new medical ecosystem is developed. Healthwatch is always a pioneer. Contact us to work out a customized solution for your clients.