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Before visiting a foreign country, it is important to obtain appropriate medical travel advice on destination-specific disease risks, relevant vaccinations, and medical facility capabilities in the region. Risks, including accidents and injury, must also be considered when advising a traveler, while special recommendations like dietary restrictions or injury avoidance should be made, to limit the risk of travel-related infections.

More specifically, HealthWatch is ready to provide:

  • Medical information: vaccination requirements, infectious diseases common in destinations, food and water safety and tips on staying healthy while abroad.
  • General travel information: country and city profiles, cultural issues and etiquette, embassies and consulates, passport, and visa requirements, etc.
  • Security Information: special safety and security precautions according to region, in order to assess the risks of travel.

HealthWatch possesses the expertise and the resources required to manage and resolve high-impact incidents worldwide. In the unlikely events of natural disasters, or other incidents (war, terrorism etc), our highly qualified team can organize promptly and efficiently all the necessary procedures to restore safety.

From pre-planning, to executing, managing, and assessing the overall conditions, we remain always ready to coordinate the toughest threat response with transparency and professionalism.

Claims management services consist not only of medical cases, but of other technical issues that might need compensation, restitution, or repayment. For instance, suitcase or passport loss are common examples of non-medical -or technical- claims management. HealthWatch maintains a comprehensive system to organize the necessary data in a confidential way, as well as well-trained staff to analyze every case and respond immediately. Our worldwide networks can successfully manage and restore a client’s possession.

HealthWatch offers a roadside assistance service to clients around the world so they can feel safe and secure. Whether it is a technical inquiry or a mechanical failure, the client receives the best assistance, as a result of our know-how and network roadside partners. Calls are answered 24/7 by qualified staff or service advisors, and drivers are provided with on-call advice, roadside repair, as well as towing and vehicle recovery services. We can also arrange courtesy transportation, car rentals and hotel reservations for your clients.